Vienna: „Empower Africa“ event starts with new Ideas

Chinedu Ejiofor Maduka - ©simon INOU/M-MEDIA

14.11.2015 | 9:19 | REDAKTION

On the 21st of November the event „Empower Africa“ will take place at the Vienna Sigmund Freud University. The event would like to bring africans together in order to exchange skills and see so business opportunities among them. We have met the organiser Mr. Chinedu Maduka.

Can you please introduce yourself ?

My name is Chinedu Maduka. I am a Student of psychotherapy at the the Sigmund Freud University and the 27th president of the Association of Nigerian Students Union in Austria.

What does it mean for the association?

That the Student Union was founded in 1964 and one of the oldest african Student Union in Austria. It is also a big challenge due to the actual problems in the contemporary world like right now the challenges of Migration.

What are the greatest challenges you are facing as the president of the Nigerian Student Union?

The adaptation of new students in the austrian society, Where to find possibly to work in order to financially sustain myself and secure my studies as for every student in the world. In these cases we assist the person and help them integrate in the austrian society.

You are organizing an event on the 21st of November. Please can you tell us more about?

The event is to bring Africans together in developing and sharing our individuals skills which we can use to create Jobs and opportunities among african Communities in Austria. In this we contribute also to the sustainable development of our guest country Austria.

Knowing ourselves is the slogan

Yes. We should know ourselves, but also the skills we have in order to be efficient in the work we are doing. The event 2Empower Africa“ would like to bring people in order to exchange about what we can offer each other for example in Business.

Where and when will the event take place?

On the 21st of November between 12:00 and 4:30 PM at the Sigmund Freund University at the address Freudplatz 1, 1020 in the second district of Vienna. We are inviting all africans and austrians to be part of this new way of empowering Africans in Austria.

Many thanks 

Thank you too

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